Game-by-game predictions for 2023 Chicago Bears schedule

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Chicago Bears Week 6 Prediction

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

Another divisional game. The Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears could not have had more different drafts. One finished with 10 players who all had elite RAS scores. These scores measure the player's athleticsm. The Vikings finished with five draft picks and none of them had elite scores. It's too soon to determine which methodolgy is best, but we should keep an eye on this draft for the next couple of years.

Playing the Vikings at home is what helps the Chicago Bears in this one. The defense makes Kirk Cousins look like an average quarterback in this matchup. Justin Fields and Cole Kmet connect for two touchdowns in this one and the Bears come away happy.

Prediction: Bears Win

Chicago Bears Week 7 Prediction

Chicago Bears vs Oakland Raiders

This matchup will come down to one thing - will Jimmy Garoppolo be healthy or not? Garoppolo seems to be made of glass. For all we know, he could get hurt before the season even starts. The Raiders are not a great team, but they always seem to give the Bears a hard time -- no matter who is coaching or on the roster. There are always games that should be won that are not, that is the case when it comes to this one.

Justin Fields and the offense put up a decent number of points. However, the Bears' defense falls short and Chicago loses a close matchup.

Prediction: Bears Lose