Game-by-game predictions for 2023 Chicago Bears schedule

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Chicago Bears Week 15 Prediction

Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns

Justin Fields is a tough dude, but there are going to be some ghosts when it comes to playing the Cleveland Browns. Matt Nagy and company almost ruined Fields by having him play the Browns on short notice back in 2021. Fields only completed six of 20 passes and was sacked nine times. Will that game weigh on Fields when he faces the Browns again in the regular season this year? We saw him look dominant in preseason vs the Browns last year, but that's the preseason.

In this matchup, Justin Fields looks just fine. He is not dominant, but he is also not great. The Chicago Bears as a whole let the fans down in this one though. The game is a tough, hard-fought battle, but the Bears find themselves on the losing side of things. It is another one of those games that the team should have won, but fall short.

Prediction: Bears Lose

Chicago Bears Week 16 Prediction

Chicago Bears vs Arizona Cardinals

I liked what I saw from the Arizona Cardinals' 2023 NFL Draft. That said, I don't think they did enough to improve drastically. Kyler Murray coming back from an ACL injury is likely to limit his running abilities until some point in the 2024 NFL season. DeAndre Hopkins is obviously still dominant, but he is also now 31 years old.

I like the firepower here in Chicago more than in Arizona. Even if Kyler Murray was fully healthy, Justin Fields will come away looking superior. The Chicago Bears pull off another victory at home.

Prediction: Bears Win