George Kittle gives the Chicago Bears his expert drafting advice

George Kittle, known Chicago Bears fan, gave some advice to the Bears on what they should do with the No. 1 pick. His response could surprise fans.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

George Kittle has cemented himself into the hearts of Chicago Bears fans, as he shares something in common with every single one of those fans. He's also a Bears fan, and he has been since he was a child.

And as most fans do, George Kittle has his own draft-day ideas for the Chicago Bears, as they enter their second draft in a row with the No. 1 pick. Though the 49ers haven't had a No. 1 pick in recent memory, George Kittle gave his opinion on what Ryan Poles and the Bears should do come late April.

George Kittle has advice for the Chicago Bears' draft strategy

While on media row answering questions about the upcoming Big Game, Kittle was asked about a team he hasn't ever suited up for— though he should join the Bears in 2026.

Greg Braggs Jr. of CHGO Bears had the chance to speak with Kittle the Bears fan, and he asked: "Let's say you weren't in the league, and you were just a Bears fan at home. What are you doing with the No. 1 pick?"

"Getting as many other picks as I possibly can. That is what I would do. Draft a bunch of D-linemen like we do every single year. Works for us."

George Kittle, 49ers TE

Now, I don't love the idea of just drafting a bunch of defensive linemen, however, the idea of getting as many picks as possible should always be the ideology, barring a true once-in-a-lifetime prospect. That's not Caleb Williams. Ryan Poles seems to like his draft-day trades, so this is an ideology they likely share.

If the Chicago Bears think Williams is a prospect who likely won't have the chance to be drafted again, there's reason to draft him. However, if there's not 100% conviction that Williams can and will bring the Chicago Bears to relevancy, Kittle's plan is the better one.


Kittle might not be the general manager, but he does have a front-row seat to how a winning organization runs its team every day. Each team is run differently, but there are more similarities between teams who consistently win and those who consistently lose. The Bears and 49ers might be on other sides of that coin, so hearing perspective from a winning locker room is important.

All-in-all, the Chicago Bears will likely take Caleb Williams, but if they're not in full belief that Caleb Williams is the answer, roll with the Kittle method.