Grading the 2022 Chicago Bears second-year draft class

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Round 5 Braxton Jones

All things considered, the Chicago Bears have to be enthused with the first two seasons of Braxton Jones. They are getting quality left tackle play out of a fifth-round pick. He obviously had issues at times during both seasons, and he is not going to crack the top ten of any left tackle rankings, at least not yet. Still, he has shown to be a capable starter with the upside to prove more. 

Jones got off to a slow start, especially when he had five penalties in his first two games before going on the IR. However, he bounced back in week none. After a poor game to shake the rust off, Jones slowly became the most consistent lineman on the Bears roster after week 10. 

He still has things to clean up, and due to his draft status, there will always be talk of replacing him. However, the odds are that the Chicago Bears do not draft a left tackle, and Jones enters year three as a starter. 

Braxton Jones Grade: B-

Round 5 Dominique Robinson 

Dominique Robinson was slowly but surely pushed out of the loop after the team traded for Montez Sweat. He had five pressures in the first five weeks, and then, from week eight through week 15, he was inactive. He was active for the final four games but failed to record pressure. 

Robinson was always a project player, but with projects, you need to see growth from year to year two. He went from 15 pressures as one of the rawest rushers in the NFL to just five last season, showing that he is not on the right path.

Dominique Robinson grade: D-