Grading the 2022 Chicago Bears second-year draft class

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Round 6 Zachary Thomas

Zachary Thomas was let go after his first training camp. He spent the last two seasons with the Los Angeles Rams but has only been active for three NFL games.

Zachary Thomas Grade: F

Round 6 Trestan Ebner

Trestan Ebner looked lost in the NFL in his limited playing time as a rookie. He was too slow to get ou for a screen pass and caused his quarterback to get sacked, and hardly played after that. Now, he is a free agent. 

Trestan Ebner Grade: F

Round 6 Doug Kramer

The Chicago Bears cut Doug Kramer during his second year. He missed his entire rookie season and suffered an injury in the early portions of year two. When he came back, the team eventually cut him. He spent some time on the Cardinals practice squad but is back on the Bears this offseason. 

Doug Kramer Grade: D

Round 7 Ja’Tyre Carter

Ja’Tyre Carter has turned into a serviceable depth piece over the last two years. He has played 190 snaps at right guard, 11 snaps at left guard, and five snaps at right tackle during his career. He has only played when injuries occur, but in round seven, that type of depth is a win. 

Ja’Tyre Carter Grade: C+

Round 7 Elijah Hicks

Elijah Hicks was exposed a bit due to the injuries of Jaquan Brisker and Eddie Jackson. He was wearing a lot of hats and playing more than expected. His best role in the NFL is a fourth safety who plays special teams, and that is fine for a seventh-rounder. He can fill in at times but should not get extended looks. 

Elijah Hicks Grade: C-

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Round 7 Trenton Gill 

Trenton Gill has been the punter for the last two years, but the odds are that the Chicago Bears are going to bring in competition to see if they can unseat him. 

Trenton Gill's grade: C+