Grading the 2023 Chicago Bears rookie class after their first regular season

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Chicago Bears Round 2 Tyrique Stevenson 

Tyrique Stevenson is another player with an up-and-down season that ended with the arrow pointing up. Stevenson was picked on a lot. Some of that is because he was a rookie; other reasons were teams avoiding Jaylon Johnson. 

He was targeted 110 times, which is 18 more times than the next-highest rookie this year. On one hand, he led all rookies in yards allowed by well over 100 yards. On the other hand, he had three more forced incompletions and two more pass breakdowns than any other rookie in the NFL last year. He was thrown into the fire, and while he had a few burn marks, he made it through to the other side. 

The only real fear is that the team will likely bring back Jaylon Johnson and at tiems towards the end of last year the Bears elected to platoon other rookie Terell Smith in for Stevenson. 

Tyrique Stevenson Grade: B