Grading Chicago Bears 2022 draft class after 10 games into year two

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Dominique Robinson
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Chicago Bears Round 5: Dominique Robinson 

Dominique Robinson has been one of the worst edge rushers in the NFL for two straight years. Last year, he had a 5.3% pass rush win rate, which was one of the worst rates in the NFL. The thought was that he is a rookie and was a project, and it could only get better from there. His pass rush win rate this year was 2%. He got worse and is now officially the worst rusher. That does not mention that he jumps at everything in the run game and is not gap-sound. 

The Bears gave him until week seven. In week eight, Khalil Kareem got a helmet over him. In weeks nine and ten it was obviously Montez Sweat. With Sweat in the mix, his season may be over. To be fair, this is for the best for Robinson, who was on the field way before he should have been. Taking time to step back and watch while developing may give him a chance to come back next summer to compete for a roster spot. 

Dominique Robinson Grade: F 

Chicago Bears Round 5: Zach Thomas

Zach Thomas was signed by the Rams off of the Bears' practice squad. He played five snaps in week two and 39 snaps in week three. He has not played for them since.

Zach Thomas Grade: F 

Chicago Bears Round 6: Trestan Ebner

Trestan Ebner is currently a free agent. It is pretty telling that the Chicago Bears decided to sign Darrynton Evans from the Miami Dolphins practice squad instead of calling Ebner, who is currently still a free agent. 

Evans was better than Ebner last year, and you probably won't hear about Ebner anymore. 

Trestan Ebner: F

Chicago Bears Round 6: Doug Kramer

Doug Kramer could not make it to the regular season without needing to get placed on the IR. Both of his seasons had him injured in the preseason and struggling to make an impact. The Chicago Bears released Kramer, who signed with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals just waived him. 

Doug Kramer grade: F