Grading Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Class rookie at the bye week

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Chicago Bears Round 2 Tyrique Stevenson 

Tyrique Stevenson has had an up and down season, but overall you have to like where things are heading. The Chicago Bears gave him trail by fire by starting him as a rookie. Teams have relentlessly been picking on the rookie to see what he is made of. At times he has made plays, but there have been somebig losses. Mike Evans is certainly his most notable welcome to the NFL game. 

He gave up a few big catches against the Chargers, Raiders, and Commanders, he has had a few big pass breakups, and he had some high notes against Davante Adams.

In the Bears' week 11 loss to the Lions, Stevenson had a forced fumble and an interception. He also was hardly targeted for the first time in months. Of course, after that, he missed week 12. The ups keep coming with downs as the rookie season moves on. 

Tyrique Stevenson Grade: C+