Grading Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Class rookie at the bye week

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Chicago Bears Round 3 Zacch Pickens 

Zacch Pickens has played 23.4% of the snaps for the Chicago Bears this season. He has only played over 30% of the defensive snaps twice in his career, and is under 20% three times. Against Detroit, he played 27%, but then against Minnesota, it was back to 20%. 

Pickens has been okay against the run, but has provided little pass rush push. This has not been a great season. 

Zacch Pickens grade: D+

Chicago Bears Round 4 Rochson Johnson

Roschon Johnson is coming off of one of the biggest performances of his season. After getting a concussion in week five, Johnson missed weeks six and seven. It opened the door for D’onta Foreman to control the backfield, and it took Johnson a few games to get worked back in. 

In weeks eight through 11, Johnson played 34% of the snaps, had 14% of the rush attempts, ran 35% of the routes, and had 10% of the targets. He played 72% long down and distance and 63% two-minute drill snaps. 

In week 12 Johnson played 75% of the snaps, he had 44% of the attempts, and ran 51% of the routes. That includes all of the long down and distance and all of the two-minute drill work. 

This is notable because while Foreman was injured, the Bears did have Khalil Herbert active. Was there a change of guard this past week? Will Johnson keep that trend up? 

Roschon Johnson Grade: B-