Grading Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Class rookie at the bye week

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Chicago Bears Round 4 Tyler Scott

For Tyler Scott, his season can be split into three parts. In weeks one through five he was a reserve. In weeks six through nine, the injury to Equanimeous St. Brown gave him a starting role. Then, in week ten St. Brown came back.

Scott had a 22% route participation rate in the first five weeks. That jumped to 69% from weeks six through nine and then was 30% after week ten. His target rate went from 4% to 10% and back to 4%. Also, his air yards percentage went from 4% early on to 24% in the middle of the season and then 9% in recent weeks. 

This is a good way to show how his role has changed over the weeks. He did not do much, but his future role would be replacing Darnell Mooney in the slot, and he has hardly done that. 

Tyler Scott Grade: C+

Chicago Bears Round 5 Noah Sewell

Noah Sewell has played 25 defensive snaps. When the Chicago Bears lost Tremaine Edmunds due to an injury, he played a slight bit more, but the Bears really reduced the role of the SAM more than they just added him into the role that Jack Sanborn had. Sewell appeared to have suffered an injury during week 11 practice and has missed the past two weeks. 

Sewell does have 212 special teams snaps.

Noah Sewell grade: C-