Grading Chicago Bears 2023 Free Agent Signings through bye week of 2023

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Nate Davis, RG

Nate Davis has just a $6.9M cap hit this year, but that will go up to $11.5M next year. The Bears have no real way to get out of the deal, so they just have to hope that his final five games can provide some confidence. Like Edmunds, there is reason to buy him getting better. 

Davis also missed most of the offseason, but he dealt with a family issue. Davis was out for weeks two and three after a bad showing in week one. After a rusty return in week four, we saw the best of him in week five. The Bears put up 40 points on Washington in a win. Of course, he got hurt the following week. 

Davis returned in week 11 and was not great, but looked sharp in week 12. Once again, the Bears won. So, Davis had a personal issue, and an injury slowed him down. When he was not coming back from either, and had a game to get accustomed to playing, the Bears went 2-0. The next five games have no issues as well, so we should see similar to week five and week 12, and not the rest. 

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