Grading Chicago Bears offensive line at the 2023 bye week

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Grading Chicago Bears Right Guard

Nate Davis: 363 snaps

Primary matchups: Colby Wooden, Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, Jonathan Harris, Zach Allen, Daron Payne, Jon Bullard, Harrison Phillips

Nate Davis has had a rocky season. He hardly got work in the offseason due to personal issues. After an awful performance in week one, he missed weeks two and three. Davis came back in week four before having his best performance in week five. Unfortunately, he got hurt in week six and did not come back until week 11. 

In week 11, he was up and down, but in week 12, he looked at his best. Weeks five and 12 are the only two games where he was not out the week prior and finished the game healthy. The Bears are 2-0 in those games. 

Nate Davis Grade: B 

Teven Jenkins: 276 snaps 

Primary Matchups: Jerry Tillery, Bilal Nichols, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Bryan Breese, Nathan Shepherd, Derrick Brown

Teven Jenkins moved back to left guard. We graded his right-guard play in a previous post.  

Teven Jenkins Grade: A 

Ja'Tyre Carter: 159 snaps

Primary matchups: Vita Vea, Tershawn Wharton, Chris Jones, Dean Lowry, Jon Bullard, Harrison Phillips

Ja’Tyre Carter has not played since our review in week six.