Grading Chicago Bears offensive line after ten weeks of 2023 season

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
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Grading Chicago Bears Right Guard

Teven Jenkins: 276 snaps 

Primary Matchups: Jerry Tillery, Bilal Nichols, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Bryan Breese, Nathan Shepherd, Derrick Brown

Teven Jenkins played week five and six at left guard, but injuries caused him to shift over to the right side. Jenkins has always been more natural on the right side, and that is where he started last year. You can tell because his play has been better on this side, and the run game can feel it.

He was excellent in the Raiders game, igniting the run game in a big win. Against the Chargers, he held his own as well. They are better than expected in the ground game, but he did well in pass protection. He continued against the Saints as the Bears ran hard behind him.

Thursday was the worst game of his season, but it does make sense because he played Derrick Brown, one of the few good Panthers players who were healthy. Is Jenkins good in the weaker matchups but will struggle when he has to step up in class? We will find out over the coming weeks, but for now, he has done just fine. 

Teven Jenkins Grade: A 

Nate Davis: 220 snaps

Primary matchups: Colby Wooden, Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, Jonathan Harris, Zach Allen, Daron Payne, Jon Bullard, Harrison Phillips

We graded Nate Davis and his play at right guard in the week six review. 

Ja'Tyre Carter: 159 snaps

Primary matchups: Vita Vea, Tershawn Wharton, Chris Jones, Dean Lowry, Jon Bullard, Harrison Phillips

Ja’Tyre Carter has not played since our review in week six.