Grading Chicago Bears offensive line through five weeks

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Nate Davis, Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
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Chicago Bears right guard

Nate Davis: 210 snaps

Primary matchupsColby Wooden, Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, Jonathan Harris, Zach Allen, Daron Payne

Nate Davis did not start his career with the Bears on the right foot. However, it is easy to see his circumstances when you understand the family situation he was going through. With a lot on his mind and almost no practice, he was awful in week one.

Davis took some time off, and came back week four. This is when the Chicago Bears offense started to gel as well. Davis played a flawless game against the Broncos pass rush. Da'Ron Payne got him a few times, and his run blocking had issues against that power, but overall, he was fine. He is finally gelling with rookie Darnell Wright, and those two should take these last two games and get better.

Nate Davis Grade: C+

Ja'Tyre Carter: 103 snaps

Primary matchups: Vita Vea, Tershawn Wharton, Chris Jones

Ja'Tyre Carter was thrown in as a backup in week two against Vita Vea. Those are tough circumstances and he did not live up to them. He struggled against the Kansas City Chiefs as well, as Tershawn Wharton had a great game. The combination of Carter leaving and Davis improving has this unit a lot better.

Ja'Tyre Carter Grade: D+