Grading Chicago Bears offensive line through two weeks of 2023 season

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Chicago Bears v New England Patriots, Ja’Tyre Carter
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Chicago Bears right guard

Nate Davis: 74 snaps

Ja'Tyre Carter: 52 snaps

Primary matchups: Colby Wooden, Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, Vita Vea

Nate Davis played the first game. We can excuse him for missing the second game due to family issues and personal reasons, but he was on the field in week one, and we have to grade it. He was awful. After a poor first season, he made Devonte Wyatt look like a breakout performer. He was supposed to be a run blocker from the Tennessee Titans but did not show a fight in the run game. Then, he missed week two.

Ja'Tyre Carter handled spot starter duty about as well as he could. Having Vita Vea in his face a lot in his debut did not help. Carter hit a few combination blocks and was always looking for work. However, the physical dominance beat him. He allowed an ugly pressure by Logan Hall that forced Justin Fields to throw the ball away. We can cut him a little more slack because he is the backup, but he does not look like he should be pushing Nate Davis this season.

Nate Davis Grade: F

Ja'Tyre Carter Grade: D+