Grading Chicago Bears rookie 2023 draft class after quarter point of the season

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Zacch Pickens
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Chicago Bears DL Zacch Pickens

Zacch Pickens has played just 77 snaps, which is just 24% of the total snaps. He played 20% and 18% over the last two weeks, which is down from his first three weeks. Dexter was down in week four but saw his snaps shoot right back up in week five.

Pickens really struggled against the Chiefs, and it looks like the Bears are slow to give him a role back. Pickens was manhandled on the line and missed a tackle. He has brought next to nothing as a pass rusher and was supposed to be the better run defender than Dexter. After a poor run defense performance, he has struggled to get back on the field and has just six run defense snaps in the last two games after 31 snaps against the run in the first three games, including 11 snaps against Kansas City.

Zacch Pickens Grade: D

Chicago Bears RB Roschon Johnson

Roschon Johnson has 25 carries for 122 yards and a touchdown. He also has 11 catches for 58 yards on 12 targets. Overall, he has played 31% of the offensive snaps and 35% of the special teams snaps, which is about what was expected of him.

However, he came on a bit hotter than expected and has cooled in recent weeks. Johnson saw 24% of the rushing work in week one and was their best runner. He saw 27% in week two, and the team made D'onta Foreman inactive to get him more work after his big game.

Johnson jumped again to 36% of the carries in week three, but after that, he has trended down. He had just 17% in week four and 10% in week five. To be fair, he had a concussion in week five, which ended his game early. Week four was a bit of a surprise, but it was the first time the Bears had a real lead, and they did not need their pass-catching back. Still, Johnson has power and could have helped them grind out that game. The only thing holding Johnson back so far is his usage and the recent injury.

Roschon Johnson grade: B+

Chicago Bears WR Tyler Scott

Tyler Scott has three catches for 20 yards through five games. He has 64 offensive snaps, which is just 20% of the offensive plays. On them, he has run 42 routes, which leads him to 0.49 yards per route run. Scott had four kick returns for 84 yards in week one, then lost his job to Velus Jones.

Overall, Tyler Scott is a fifth-round pick, so it is hard to expect much. Still, he has not been able to separate from known bust Velus Jones, and Equainmeous St. Brown is still trusted over both of the recent draft picks. Scott was drafted to replace Darnell Mooney, so maybe the Bears will trade Mooney to get a better look at Scott because he is close to incomplete right now.

Tyler Scott grade: D