Grading Chicago Bears rookie 2023 draft class after quarter point of the season

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Noah Sewell
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Chicago Bears LB Noah Sewell

Noah Sewell has played 13 defensive snaps and 114 special teams snaps. That is just 4% of the snaps on defense, but he plays 84% of the special teams snaps. Sewell has five tackles on 13 snaps. He has also been a trusted special teams asset.

Noah Sewell Grade: B+

Chicago Bears CB Terell Smith

Terell Smith has played 163 total snaps, with 113 in coverage. He has played 50% of the defensive snaps and 13% of the special teams snaps this season. In week one, he did not play and only played in dime week four. Still, he was beaten clean by Trey Palmer for a 20-yard completion.

In week three, he was thrust into action due to the Jaylon Johnson and Tyrique Stevenson injuries. He played 57 snaps and gave up 63 yards in coverage. The big play was a dime by Patrick Mahomes to Justin Watson over him.

Smith was not targeted much in his first start against the Denver Broncos despite drawing a lot of Courtland Sutton. Still, he also saw the decoy man Brandon Johnson a lot. In week five, he kept Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson in check.

Smith has been aggressive as a tackler in run defense and has shown strong zone instincts in coverage. This has been a great fifth-round pick.

Terell Smith Grade: A

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Chicago Bears DL Travis Bell

Travis Bell is on the Chicago Bears practice squad. We always knew he was going to be a project.

Chicago Bears S Kendall Williamson

Kendall Williamson is on the Chicago Bears practice squad.