3 Green Bay Packers who will impact Chicago Bears outcome most in week 1

The Green Bay Packers have a big name pass rusher, and a young QB-WR combination that could give the Chicago Bears issues week 1

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Jordan Love, Chicago Bears
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1. Jordan Love will decide how the Chicago Bears perform against the Green Bay Packers for years to come

This one is pretty obvious, and if we are being honest, we have no idea how this will go. Even if you did not like Jordan Love going back to Utah State, you have to accept that he may have changed or grown in that time and could be a different player. So, we really do not know how he will look when the team is his. We do know it will be what dictates this game, though.

Beyond that, the defense he is about to see is completely new. Three of the top four defensive lineman and six of the top eight are all new faces. The top two linebackers are new, as is a starting outside cornerback. No matter what happens, this will be a learning moment. Is the defense so poor that Jordan Love carves them, or is he that good?

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Does the defense step up and shut him down, or is he that poor? We often have an idea of how a defense can do against a certain quarterback. However, the major unknowns when it comes to Jordan Love, and the Chicago Bears defense is noteworthy and will be the determining factor in a tight game.