Handing out Chicago Bears midseason awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY, and more)

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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Chicago Bears Defensive Player of the Year: Jaylon Johnson 

The Chicago Bears decided to extend Cole Kmet and bet on what he could become. They decided to challenge Jaylon Johnson to earn a contract. Both tactics appear to have worked. Jaylon Johnson has been excellent since returning from injury. 

Since week six, Johnson has allowed 68 yards on 19 targets. His passer rating allowed him 47.9. Last year, it was 96.8, and for his career, it is 95.1. This is the best we are seeing from Jaylon Johnson. The Bears did not trade him because they know how valuable he can be. They know that he ascends into a player that deserves a franchise tag if things do not come together. 

He added two interceptions and had a touchdown on one of his picks. Johnson also follows Adam Thielen for Thursday Night Football. He is doing everything you can ask for.

The Chicago Bears are seeing a great year from Andrew Billings, and while TJ Edwards has a ton of tackles, he has issues in coverage. This is an easy choice to go with Jaylon Johnson.