Handing out Chicago Bears midseason awards (MVP, OPOY, DPOY, and more)

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Jack Sanborn
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Chicago Bears Comeback Player of the Year: Jack Sanborn

This was a tough one to call, mainly because there were so few players back from the team last year. The ones who are back have struggled in many ways. Darnell Mooney is back, and so is Eddie Jackson, but neither has shown that they are better or even improving after their injuries. 

That leaves us with Jack Sanborn. In some ways, he took a step back because he got a chance to start in the MIKE. He looked good, and then injury ruined any chance he could play that role again. The Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards, limiting him to the SAM Role.

Still, Sanborn was playing so well that they would play base against 11-personnel just to keep Sanborn on the field. Now, with Edmunds out, Sanborn has stepped in. The rumblings are quiet, but you can hear people saying that Sanbor has been better in the last two games than anything that Edmunds has put together this year. 

Jack Sanborn came back from a season-ending injury and became a valuable SAM linebacker who may be better than the Bears' biggest free agent signing. That gets him the award.