Handing out Taylor Swift songs to the Chicago Bears after their 41-10 drubbing against the Kansas City Chiefs

At 0-3, the most noteworthy accomplishment of the Chicago Bears this season has been serving as cannon fodder for the hard launch of the Taylor Swift - Travis Kelce relationship.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chicago Bears, Alan Williams
Chicago Bears, Alan Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages


While we're on the subject of problematic Bears assistant coaches, what about Alan Williams? It wasn't enough that he was the leader of the worst defense in the league, he also left the team earlier in the week over what is being reported as "inappropriate behavior." What that could be, I don't even want to speculate, but he now joins Mel Tucker as disgraced former Bears defensive coordinators. Taylor sings, I keep my side of the street clean. You wouldn't know what I mean. The Bears passed on Jalen Carter in the draft over character concerns. Can they at least hire a good human as the next DC?


Just when you thought the news cycle couldn't be more unkind to the Bears, thieves stole and damaged $100,000 worth of property from Soldier Field. Why you gotta be so mean? The Bears were already dealing with the fallout from the Alan Williams situation and Justin Fields (correctly) calling out the coaching staff to the media. The last thing the organization needed was more bad press. The media has been calling the Bears a dumpster fire, but as Taylor sang, You have pointed out my flaws again as if I don't already see them. Trust us, we know.

The Story of Us

When I went to bed Sunday night, the Bears had not fired anyone on the coaching staff. Here's my question to Ryan Poles: Is it killing you like it's killing me? The Bears have never fired a coach midseason, but if ever there was a time to break with tradition, it's now. Taylor may have been singing about the Bears and their lack of leadership and fire when she said, This is looking like a contest of who can act like they care less. Where's the leadership? Where's the vision for this team? The longer Poles waits to make a move, the worse this situation is going to get. How'd we end up this way?