Handing out Taylor Swift songs to the Chicago Bears after their 41-10 drubbing against the Kansas City Chiefs

At 0-3, the most noteworthy accomplishment of the Chicago Bears this season has been serving as cannon fodder for the hard launch of the Taylor Swift - Travis Kelce relationship.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Shake it Off

We had to get one of Taylor's biggest hits in here. To Bears fans, who have endured more than any fan should be asked to handle, yet still they persist, saying it's gonna be alright. The Bears have become the laughingstock of the league, yet still the fans show up to every game. Road games are filled with Bears jerseys, even as the haters hate hate hate. Bears fans deserve to be rewarded for their dedication through years of ineptitude.

Begin Again

Though she definitely has a knack for writing breakup songs, Taylor can also perfectly encapsulate the hope that comes with a fresh beginning. Bears fans won't reach that point until the current regime is shown the door, but whenever the day comes that a new head coach takes over, the cycle of hope will start anew. In lamenting how a past relationship went wrong, Taylor sang I've been spending the last eight months, thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end. For Bears fans, it's been nearly a full year since the team last won a game. It may hurt now, but hope springs eternal, even in the NFC North.

Out of the Woods

Even with a new coaching staff, it figures to take a long time to build the Bears back to respectability. The roster is deficient in so many areas, and for a fanbase that has been burned before by getting its hopes up, Taylor's insistent questioning of Are we out of the woods yet, are we in the clear yet rings true. Can Ryan Poles get the team out of the woods, or will new team president Kevin Warren wipe the slate completely clean?

Sunday’s game felt like rock bottom for the Bears, but the Broncos, who just gave up 70 points to the Dolphins, come to town next week. Let’s hope the Bears don’t give the Broncos any goodies if Ciara is there to cheer on Russell Wilson and Denver.