5 hopes for the Chicago Bears roster going forward at this point of the season

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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4. The Chicago Bears hope to get answers on Justin Fields

The entire point of the 2023 season was to find a resolution on the Justin Fields saga. The Bears passed up the number one overall to give Justin Fields a chance with an improved group around him. 

It took some time for that group to come together, and once things started to form around the quarterback, Fields got hurt. 

So, now the roster is looking a bit better, but we still do not have answers on Justin Fields. With three wins, the Bears are creeping out of the number one overall pick discussion, but they still have the Panthers pick, and they are the front runners. What can Justin Fields do to prove he should stick around?

The stats are fine, but he needs to win. If they finish 4-3, they could get to 7-10, which is relatively respectable and more in line with expectations before the year. You wanted to see Fields smash expectations, but there are still ways for him to meet or get close to them. Is that enough? Fans can at least get hopeful at the idea of the Bears having their best offensive line, skill players, and defense around Fields over the final seven games.