Are Houston Texans unlikely to trade Chicago Bears to move up?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One scenario the Chicago Bears fans have wanted to see play out is a double dip. The team trades from one to two, then double dips down the draft board for a bigger haul. That sounds fun in theory but does not sound like reality at this point in time.

The Houston Texans may have one guy they want, and the Chicago Bears may tell them that another team is ready to take their guy. However, all indications from the NFL combine are that the Texans feel good enough about multiple quarterbacks, that nothing can make them move.

"“I can’t see Houston moving up,” an exec from a team picking in the top 10 told The Athletic. “I see them gambling that there is a quarterback there at 12.”"

This would obviously hurt the Chicago Bears' quest to double dip with trade downs. Of course, it is the time to lie, and Texans' poker face may be that they do not need a top guy.

While that may be true, and it is still more likely they take someone at two, then sit back at 12 like suggested, it does seem unlikely the Texans trade up. Saying you can sit at 12 and see someone fall may be over the top, but the reason the Texans can say that is because four quarterbacks stand out this season.

Bryce Young, CJ Stoud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis all have pros and cons, but none have separated themselves as the top guy, or the low man.

This is where it can hurt the Chicago Bears. If the Texans actually see two quarterbacks worthy of the top pick, they do not care who jumps them. If they view Bryce Young as number one, and someone jumps them for CJ Stroud, oh well.

Fans thought that the Texans having 12 would be ammo for the team to trade to Chicago, but now it is being used against Chicago because there are so many options that one quarterback may slip down. Even if they do not fall to 12, do the Texans take Will Anderson, then trade up for the fourth guy who falls?

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There are too many scenarios where the Texans do not trade up and are fine with it. Beyond that, all of the talks from Chicago has moved on to getting the bigger package, even if that means dropping closer to number 10 overall. When you put it together, we can stop with the Texans and Bears trade talks.