How the Chicago Bears can still make the 2023 NFL playoffs

Believe it or not, the Chicago Bears still have a small glimmer of hope to make the 2023 NFL playoffs. The Bears chances may be slim, but they are still in it. Here is what needs to happen for Chicago to sneak into the playoffs.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Can you believe that the Chicago Bears still have a chance to make the 2023 NFL playoffs as we enter Week 17 of the regular season? That's right, with only two weeks to go, the Bears are still "in the hunt." The only problem is that they have an only 1% chance and the outcome of a couple of games this weekend could derail those chances.

For the Chicago Bears to make the playoffs this season, they first need to win out. If Chicago beats the Falcons in Week 17 and the Packers in Week 18, then their 1% chance increases to 3%. However, that won't matter if the Rams or Seahawks win in Week 17. Basically, the Bears will need plenty of help from multiple teams to have any chance at playing beyond Week 18.

Here is a snapshot of what needs to take place over the next two weeks

As you can see, winning out is the most important part for the Chicago Bears and the only part they can control. Unfortunately, I don't see both the Rams and Seahawks losing both of their games to finish out the season. The Rams should beat the Giants and San Francisco might be resting their players the final week of the year as they are already a lock for the playoffs. They might not though as they are still not a lock for the No. 1 seed. Bears fans need to hope the Giants pull off an upset and the 49ers are still playing for something in that final week.

Even if the Rams find a way to lose both of those games, then the Seahawks would also need to lose both of their games. Pittsburgh is a wild card as that team has a decent defense and always finds ways to win games, even when least expected. The Cardinals in the final week of the season is most likely a win for the Seahawks though. The Cardinals are not very good and also seem to be a part of the tankathon going on right now.

I do think that the Saints find a way to lose one of their final two games. This could be against either Tampa Bay or Atlanta to be honest. The Buccaneers currently lead the NFC South with an 8-7 record, but both the Falcons and Saints are close behind with a 7-8 record. All three will be clawing for the top spot in their division over the next two weeks.


Lastly, any time the Packers lose is a good thing for Chicago Bears fans. I'd love to see Green Bay lose their final two games. This means Minnesota will need to take care of business this week and the Chicago Bears will need to win in Lambeau field — something they haven't been able to do since 2015.