Are these 3 injuries concerning for the Chicago Bears?

One big-name free agent, one big-name from a trade, a name on the injury list too often are all conercerning for different reasons

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2. Chase Claypool continues to miss time for the Chicago Bears

Every time Chase Claypool seems to gain any momentum, an injury occurs. This will be the third separate occasion an injury derailed things since the trade. First, he got banged up and missed a couple of weeks late into the season. Then, after showing up to OTAs motivated, he finished on the sideline.

He showed up to training camp on the PUP, but reports were that he was one of the best players after missing the first day. Now, another injury has halted things. This time, it is a leg injury. Claypool has been out since August 9th. So, by Monday, it will be 12 days since his injury.

Perhaps it is just a two-week injury, and we will see him on Thursday at the latest. It still would mean he may not play in the third preseason game. Missing the entire preseason after being out of the loop in the playbook all of last season is not the way to instill confidence in anyone. He will enter the regular season as a complete unknown and someone who has had far too limited time with Justin Fields.

With Darnell Mooney also recovering from an injury the Chicago Bears have seen Tyler Scott and Equanimeous St. Brown pick up a lot of the pieces and get a lot of work with the first team. This is valuable for them, but Moore, Mooney, and Claypool will be jumping into the lineup together on the fly when it ever happens.

The alarm bells have been going off for Chase Claypool. This is just another reason to be concerned.