3 bad injury notes to come out for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Greg Stroman Jr., Terell Smith
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1. The Chicago Bears will not get to see Terell Smith develop for a while

The Chicago Bears made Terell Smith in active this past week with an illness, and now we know why. He has mono. This is a 3-4 week issue as well as he will be losing a lot of weight and will have to work himself back to playing health.

Smith was having a nice start to his rookie season, but the timing is not the worst. The Chicago Bears just got Jaylon Johnson back and he started in place of Smith, as he would have if Smith was healthy. Still, the Chicago Bears have been exploring dime looks, and on Sunday they got Jaylon Jones onto the field for seven coverage snaps. That could have been the role that Smith plays. Beyond that, if anything does happen to Johnson or Tyrique Stevenson he is no longer the next off of the bench.

There were some discussions that the Chicago Bears should trade Jaylon Johnson to play Smith more and see what he can bring. With the illness to Smith that no longer is possible. The Bears still may trade Johnson, but it seems less likely. If they did they would be asking Jaylon Jones to step into his role, and there is not much that they should want to see from Jones as he is a UDFA who has not shown much this year.

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Overall, none of the news is very good and brings a lot of questions about the next few weeks.