3 issues Chicago Bears reverted to in loss to Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Justin Fields - American Football Quarterback
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1. The Chicago Bears set up Justin Fields to fail

Justin Fields is not good enough to have the trust of the franchise moving forward. The Chicago Bears will have too many assets to work with to worry about keeping their quarterback or drafting one. They will draft one and move on from Fields. Now, that does not separate the fact that Justin Fields was set up to fail.

The Chicago Bears started to use his legs in weeks four and five after not utilizing that aspect at all in the first three weeks. However, after 20% of his rushes were designed, he was down to 15% this week. Worse than that was the lack of play-action.

Fields went from about 16% play action in the first two weeks to about 20% in week three. Then, the team went heavy with 35% and 30% in weeks four and five. So, it looked like the team knew what was working. Then, Fields ran just 11% play action in week six. It makes no sense.

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You can say that the running back injuries factored in here, but that is a weak excuse, especially when you consider D'onta Foreman and Darrynton Evans had moments on the ground. If anything, the Bears did not go heavy enough and run enough to set it up. Still, they could have leaned on it either way, just to see if it would work. The legs of Justin Fields has to get teams to bite on any boot action.

Still, this was not shown before Fields got hurt. Now, it is over for him.