5 issues that remain despite the Chicago Bears win over the Minnesota Vikings

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The Chicago Bears were able to upset the Minnesota Vikings 12-10. The game records indicated that the outcome was much more surprising, but Minnesota was only a three-point favorite, and it made sense in the end, as the game was a legitimate toss-up until the very end. 

So, while the Bears did get their fourth win of the season, there are still some serious issues that need to be addressed over the final five games. 

5. The Chicago Bears should still have questions about Matt Eberflus

The Chicago Bears cannot walk away from this win and think that Matt Eberflus is equipped to lead this team into 2024 and beyond. This was a game where it looked pretty clear that the biggest advantage Minnesota had was the coaching. 

The Bears' defense was healthier, their quarterback was more well-regarded, and their offensive line was starting to come along. However, this team could not get out of their own way.

The Bears missed a field goal early. They won the turnover battle four-to-two, and they had a turnover on downs as well. However, they trailed 7-3 in points off of turnovers and 7-6 if you include the turnover on downs as a fifth turnover. 

The Bears had 76 penalty yards on seven penalties. A pass interference kept Minnesota in the game and led to their first field goal. The Vikings had just three penalties for 24 yards. 

There was a difference between which team had the better scheme, but the big difference was how buttoned up each team was. The Bears won the game because they had better players, not because of Matt Eberflus. Despite his first division win, the team needs to see a lot more over the final five games to trust him moving forward.