5 issues that remain despite the Chicago Bears win over the Minnesota Vikings

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4. The Chicago Bears had poor playcalling against the Minnesota Vikings

Drink if the Chicago Bears throw a screen. That is one way to turn Monday Night Football into a Tuesday hangover. To be fair, there is a reason Luke Getsy did what he did on Monday. Justin Fields struggles to read defenses as it is, and Brian Flores mixes it up more than anyone. 

In an effort to protect the quarterback, Luke Getsy decided to run a ton of screen passes, which got the ball out of his quarterback's hands quickly. The issue is that it worked early, but once the Vikings realized it was coming and they adjusted, Getsy had nothing. 

Getsy has never been a fit for Justin Fields, and it almost feels like he was hired to coach the quarterback who would come in after Justin Fields. He has slowly embraced using his legs, and when he did on the final drive, it led to big points. Justin Fields had four rushes, equaling 59 of his rushing yards. They were four different runs of 10 yards or more, and they came on all four field goal drives. Roschon Johnson was humming in both the pass and run games but finished with 15 touches, and he hardly saw the ball late. Khalil Herbert hardly saw the ball at all. The Bears got away from what they do too often and Luke Getsy was outcoached by Brian Flores in a bad way. 

The big plays by D.J. Moore and Justin Fields bailed out a weak game plan.