5 issues that remain despite the Chicago Bears win over the Minnesota Vikings

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3. The Chicago Bears do not have enough answers on Justin Fields 

Justin Fields did big things on the ground. As we noted, all four field goal drives featured rushes of 10 yards or more, and almost all of his production came on those drives. Still, as a passer and runner, there are areas where Fields can improve. 

He averaged just 5.9 yards per attempt. He looked frantic in the pocket. As we noted, it actually did make sense for Getsy to make things simple for him because the blitzes started to overwhelm him. 

Justin Fields finally had a game-winning drive. It came because he fumbled in the red zone, which led to the Bears giving up the lead. Then, he fumbled in his first attempt to come back. The Vikings sat on the ball after his turnover or the Bears would have lost another game without Fields having that second chance to win the game. 

Justin Fields is now 2-6 as a starter, and if you take away the Vikings game, where he left early, he is still 2-5. He took three sacks and had two game-changing fumbles. Justin Fields still has five more games, but tonight was not the night that Fields proved he is the man to trust.