5 issues that remain despite the Chicago Bears win over the Minnesota Vikings

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2. The Chicago Bears still have not won a statement game 

The Chicago Bears have four wins, but the main reason they have not done enough to ensure returns for Matt Eberflus, Luke Getsy, or Justin Fields is that the team does not have a statement win. They put up 40 points on Washington before a lot of other teams did, and Washington already fired their defensive coordinator. 

The Bears beat the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Raiders fired their head coach shortly after. One of the big reasons was because the Raiders started Brian Hoyer. The Bears beat Bryce Young, who looks like a supreme bust. The Panthers fired most of their offensive staff as well as their head coach.

The Minnesota Vikings will be the first team that the Bears beat that does not see a play-caller get fired within the next few weeks. However, this Vikings team is on their third quarterback, someone they traded for about a month ago, and a team that was without Justin Jefferson, Jordan Hicks, Dean Lowry, Marcus Davenport, and Akayleb Evans. Do we keep going? This is not the roster that had the record they did. They were winning with magic because of Joshua Dobbs, and at one point, it wore off. 

So, the Bears have five more games to prove themselves. Winning by two against Joshua Dobbs when he threw four interceptions and threw short of the sticks once on fourth down is not impressive enough to change opinions.