3 Jacksonville Jaguars free-agent situations to follow for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears will have their eyes open on other teams' situations when they check out free agency this offseason. One team that will have a few big-name free agents that will be getting headlines in the coming weeks is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why are the Jaguars a team that Bears fans want to watch this offseason?

3. Will the Chicago Bears end up with a prized free-agent wide receiver?

Calvin Ridley did not have the best bounce-back year with the Jacksonville Jaguars after missing all of the 2022 season due to a suspension. Ridley finished with 1.57 yards per route run, which is the second-lowest rate of his career, and well below his career average of 1.83 yards per route run for his career. 

Ridley did go over 1,000 yards, though. It shows that while he was not the best fit, and was not the most efficient, he is still a good receiver and would have even more success with a potential change of scenery. 

The inefficiency may be enough for the Jaguars to want to move on, but the volume and overall stats show that a team is going to take a swing on him if he hits free agency. The Jaguars have some other loose ends to tie up on the roster before Ridley, and it may result in him getting away without a tag of any sort. 

If the Jaguars do not move on from Ridley, another free agent to keep an eye on is Jamal Agnew. He is more in the gadget player mold, but we could see Shane Waldron start to incorporate that into his play calling more with an addition like Agnew. 

Either way, the Chicago Bears have serious needs for wide receiver, and this is a team that could end with big changes, giving the Bears more options this offseason.