Jaylon Johnson offered important advice to the next Chicago Bears quarterback

Jaylon Johnson had some words for the incoming rookie quarterback

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Michael Reaves/GettyImages / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

With the 2024 NFL Draft nearing, the Caleb Williams buzz is at an all-time high surrounding the Chicago Bears. So much so that Jaylon Johnson got involved with the Caleb Williams news extravaganza.

USC held its Pro Day on Wednesday, and around the same time, Jaylon Johnson joined Kay Adams on Up & Adams to discuss all things Chicago Bears. As expected, rookie quarterbacks were a topic of discussion, and Caleb Williams was— obviously— mentioned.

Jaylon Johnson addresses how the Chicago Bears locker room will handle the quarterback change.

Adams presented Johnson with the question: "Is Eberflus up for handling a 'Caleb'?"

There was a bit of attitude in his response, as if Jaylon Johnson was telling Caleb Williams he must earn the respect of the locker room— which is certainly true. Johnson chuckled a bit, but in his answer, there was something that really stood out about his leadership.

With the Bears losing captains Justin Fields and Eddie Jackson in the offseason, Jaylon Johnson just made Eberflus' job easy on where one of those C-patches is going. Though Johnson was on the record for supporting Fields, it goes to show that he's a good teammate and a great leader of this young defensive core. Rooting for Fields as the starter, at the time, and now being constructively critical of a potential draft prospect is nothing but positive as one of the main leaders of the Chicago Bears' defense.

The Bears have yet to physically draft Williams, but all signs are pointing to that being the outcome. And if it is, Jaylon Johnson is ready to take-part in making him the best possible quarterback he can be.

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