Is Joe Tippmann the perfect center for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft?


The Chicago Bears are more than likely going to draft a center. Does Wisconsin center Joe Tippmann fit with the team? What is the best NFL comparison for Joe Tippmann?

Chicago Bears NFL Draft Profile: Wisconsin Center Joe Tippmann

Joe Tippmann redshirted his first year and only got on the field for 11 snaps as a redshirt freshman. However, the following season he took over at center when Tyler Biadasz was drafted, and started the past two seasons. Overall, he played 1,456 snaps with 1,445 at center. Wisconsin ran a zone-heavy scheme, however, their offense is known for asking their lineman to run a versatile scheme that features a lot of differing concepts.

Joe Tippmann went to the NFL combine, but did not workout.

It is notable how big Joe Tippmann is. It is not an issue, but you usually do see centers as shorter and squattier than tackles, he definitely is taller than most centers.

How Joe Tippman translates to the NFL

Joe Tippman can fit into any blocking scheme, which is great. However, he will be at his best in a zone blocking scheme that asks him to pull. For how big he is it is impressive to see him move out into space and get to the second level. He is excellent in combination blocks that feature a chip at the line and then climb to the second level to hit his next target.

Joe Tippmann is also efficient in flipping his hips to seal off running lanes.

Tippman can play high at times, and you can see his height be a disdvantage at center. When stout nose tackles see him get out of his stance they can get into his chest easily and beat him with leverage. Beyond that, Tippmann will have to work on his hand timing, placement, and punches. There has been talk about moving him to guard, where he will not see nose tackles beat him with leverage, and he will be asked to pull and move in space even more.

NFL Comparison for Wisconsin Center Joe Tippmann

The best comparison for Joe Tippmann is Graham Glasgow. Glasgow is another tall center who helps in the run game with his ability to move. He was a third-round pick because there was a question if he was a center or a guard. Glasgow has played both guard and center throughout his career but has had a long career as an NFL starter. That should be the expectation for Joe Tippman in the NFL.

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Should Chicago Bears draft Joe Tippmann?

Right now, Joe Tippman is projected to go in the late second or early third round. The Chicago Bears happen to have three draft picks right in the range where Tippman will be selected. The need is there, and the fit makes a lot of sense when you factor in that the Chicago Bears want a lineman who can get out and move. There is definitely a real chance the team drafts Joe Tippman with one of their picks between 53-64.