Why Jordan Love ensured the Chicago Bears have to move on from Justin Fields

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The Chicago Bears have a tough decision to make on Justin Fields in the coming weeks. On one hand, he has played well enough that he deserves a chance to start in the NFL. On the other hand, the Bears have the number one overall pick, and Fields has not done enough to show that he is a franchise quarterback. It gives them a tough decision to make. 

After losing to Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears must move on from Justin Fields

While one game cannot influence an entire evaluation, it is hard to look at the game that Jordan Love just played against the Chicago Bears and realize that Fields simply is not good enough.

Love lit up a Chicago Bears defense that was missing a couple of starters but, overall was still one of the better units in the NFL. 

Love completed 84% of his passes; he had an adjusted yards per attempt at 11.3. He had 316 yards and three sacks, just a 3% rate. Fields has only completed 80% of his passes once, and he was never above 81%. Fields only had more adjusted yards per attempt once, against Washington this year, the worst defense in the NFL. 

Fields has only had that low of a sack rate twice in his career and has only thrown for that many yards once, against Denver this year. That was also the only game in which Fields had as high of a passer rating as Jordan Love. Combined, he has never accomplished all of the things Love did in one game. 

The reality is that a normal game for Jordan Love against a talented defense is similar to an outstanding game for Fields against a bad defense. This is not who you can go into battle with. 

The Chicago Bears will have to face Jordan Love for the foreseeable future and cannot go into every game knowing that they have the lesser quarterback.

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Jordan Love played so well against Chicago that it should have exposed Justin Fields, who has never put together one game like Love did in week 18. The Bears should realize that if they want to compete with Green Bay, they have to move on.