The Justin Fields, Chicago Bears quarterback, argument extended

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The start of my Justin Fields fandom

I would never have thought there would be a time when the Chicago Bears fan base would seem like there are some cult members until this week. I get it. A person will always read something and only take away one viewpoint instead of the entire process. Bad processing is common with the Chicago Bears star quarterback and many fans. That statement is a knock against Justin Fields; it is the truth. We will focus on the history of the Chicago Bears quarterbacks and the future. I need to start with this statement. There hasn't been a bigger fan of Justin Fields than me.

Thanks to my guy Matt Steller, I saw a clip and review of this promising passing high school star athlete who could process at the quarterback position while being able to escape when needed. Baseball was my first love, so I really liked the dual sports athlete. Fast forward to college, I witnessed my favorite college program acquire this kid I had greatly followed. During Draft Day, I prayed to the football gods that Justin Fields would become a Chicago Bear so hard... You get my point. I have argued and debated against many doubters that they have to wait until Fields puts it all together.

Fast forward to week 10 in the 2023 NFL season, and I still see the same mistakes I have seen under Matty Nagy. Now, we can argue all the points of why a talented quarterback is failing. The NFL is a hard place, and bad organizations hurt talent. I agree with those points. But many of you don't understand my points. I saw a quarterback who could overcome those adversities. Bad offensive line? He can escape the pocket and not only run but keep his eyes downfield to make a big throw or check down.

Lack of weapons? He is the ultimate weapon. I felt strongly enough that Justin Fields is an amplifier, a multiplier, whatever you want to call it. He is good enough to make average talent look better than it is. The excuse that he doesn't have elite talent around him hurts my soul. You don't get it! Many of us who followed this kid from day one never thought he needed elite talent around him. We thought this was the quarterback who would create 1,000-yard receivers, trade those receivers away, and watch them fail like 90% of the Green Bay Packers receivers.