The Justin Fields, Chicago Bears quarterback, argument extended

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Decision making is the Chicago Bears key

Not all of Bagent's decisions are good, but he makes them quickly with conviction. The errors he is making, he can learn from. I said it year-one with Justin Fields in the system. Don't worry about how the Chicago Bears do. Focus on Justin Fields. See if he is learning. I hate to break it to many of you, but he needs to learn more quickly. I had a few arguments about his running ability last year and the two games he destroyed his opponents in this year. Those are all great performances by Fields, but he needs to learn.

Fields decided to use the ability I already knew about that many of you probably didn't and took the game over with his legs. In the Commanders game, Fields took advantage of DJ Moore. That is a start. He learned how to get the ball to his number one receiver, but that didn't help him process faster; he just tossed 10 targets to one player. You will probably be biased, but who played a better quarterback in that game? The guy who forced one guy the ball, or the guy whose team had no run game, completed 72% of his passes, and 10 guys had double-digit targets.

You will say, the guy who had four passing touchdowns and got the win. Sure, well, that's why the Chicago Bears only HOF quarterback played running back and defensive back. If that is what you want, by all means, we will keep arguing. But if you want more. Do you want sustained success? You know it starts with coaching and the quarterback. I love Justin Field's dynamic ability, but what has that gotten anybody without the ability to process quickly and throw?