The Justin Fields, Chicago Bears quarterback, argument extended

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, C.J. Stroud
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More Bears excuses

Someone brought up Eli Manning on Twitter. Well, did or didn't Manning win two Super Bowls? Don't give me your excuse for how he won them. Did he or didn't he win them? Excuses are so annoying. But Cam... But Cam... But what? Don't give me an excuse. Why is my other Ohio State quarterback playing so well as a rookie? His coaching is better. Come on, he has a defensive-minded coach whose star pass rusher has two sacks. (On the outside looking in, I know how well he is playing, not bad)

Don't give me the excuse that he has weapons because I will bring up Davis Mills having the same players for the most part. Nico Collins wasn't their number one last year. While there are some additions, CJ Stroud is a much better player than Davis Mills. Stroud sees the field very well and makes the players around him better. Again, it is still ongoing for Justin Fields, but the climb is steep. Don't run yourself into danger; play fast and smooth, move the ball, hit home runs when possible, and make players fear you for your arm and legs.

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Watching Justin move around the pocket only to get sacked is mind-boggling. He is fast enough to run outside the pocket and throw it away before he even sniffs a hit. There is so much improvement needed. But if he can get to that point, that is the best-case scenario for the Chicago Bears. I decided to get this in an article instead of arguing on Twitter more. Love or hate it, it's the truth. Deep down inside, you know it's true.