Justin Fields fumbles are an overblown narrative used by many Chicago Bears haters

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Justin Fields has been inconsistent, but has shown you can win with him

The tweet was to point out he has played well enough to refute wins being a QB stat. I'd argue that for almost all quarterbacks because wins are a team stat and partly a coaching stat. One thing I left out (I only get so many characters) was his fumbles. Naturally, I was called out for it. I argued about how (at the time) although he had 32 fumbles, he only had lost nine. He's now fumbled it 35 times and has lost 12. That wasn't good enough for many though and it got me thinking. How many of these fumbles were on him and how many of them were detrimental?

I set out to find out by tracking every one of Justin Fields' fumbles. Then, I went back and watched the film to see which ones were truly his fault and no matter whose fault, were the fumbles detrimental (or negative) to the team. I had a little bias already knowing he hadn't lost many of his fumbles and clearly I'm a fan of his, but I tried to remain objective. I'll have a podcast (subscribe so you don't miss it) releasing next week at The Halas Huddle with more details and conversation surrounding the matter, but here is a quick breakdown of the results. These findings include the most recent win over the Vikings.

To date, Justin Fields has the following stats regarding fumbles:

Total Career Fumbles: 36
Total Career Fumbles Lost: 12

2023 Fumbles: 7
2023 Fumbles Lost: 5

2022 Fumbles: 16
2022 Fumbles Lost: 2

2021 Fumbles: 12
2021 Fumbles Lost: 5