Chicago Bears Rumors: Injury update and possible timeline on Justin Fields injury

The Chicago Bears look to be without Justin Fields for more than a week. We look to sources to determine a possible timeline for Fields to return this season, if at all.
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

I was writing up a recap on the Chicago Bears in the first half of the game and unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish and publish it before Justin Fields left in the third quarter with an apparent hand injury. The article was quickly adapted and published with the news that Justin Fields was headed to the locker room after a brief stint in the blue medical tent. At the time, I had no idea what the injury was, but I was concerned it was a broken bone in his hand or wrist. It turns out it wasn't a break, but that doesn't help with the actual outcome of the injury.

Someone in the fantasy football industry that I have been connected to for quite some time is Dr. Jesse Morse. Morse has generated a huge following in the fantasy community by giving possible explanations of what to expect from sports injuries. He is a sports medicine physician and you can find his injury content at The Fantasy Doctors.

Prior to my Halas Huddle podcast, I reached out to Dr. Morse to see what he thought about a possible timeline for Justin Fields' hand injury knowing that the X-ray came back negative and that Fields wanted to return to the game, but trainers and coaches held him out. His initial response was that depending on the ligaments involved and the tolerance to pain, Fields could return as soon as next week or he could be out for the season. It was too difficult to tell from just the broadcast video and we'd need to wait for the MRI results.

Well, things changed once Dr. Morse found out that Fields actually suffered a dislocated thumb.

Chicago Bears Rumors: Possible timeline with Justin Fields injury update

According to Dr. Morse, and these are not confirmed, but just speculated rumors based on what he has seen in the video paired with reports coming from insiders, Justin Fields could miss some significant time. In fact, he will likely see a stint on injured reserve.

Dr. Morse stated that the injury is most likely to the Metacarpophalangeal Joint and a tear of at least one ligament would have taken place. He stated that since this is his throwing hand, it cannot be temporarily repaired and fully fixed in the offseason. This is why he expects Justin Fields to be placed on injured reserve, undergoes surgery and could realistically return in 4 to 6 weeks. Even after returning, he could struggle to throw the ball deep due to a lack of gripping ability.

Well, it appears it is now Tyson Bagent time. Some fans will get what they wanted — the ability to see if Bagent can run this offense better than Fields. Bagent might do some things better, but he is not nearly as talented. I wouldn't expect more than what we saw against the Vikings. If Fields does go on injured reserve, it will mean he is out at least four weeks. That means he will miss the games against the Raiders, Chargers, Saints and Panthers. He could potentially return in Week 11 vs. the Lions. If he misses six games, then he won't be back until after the BYE week in Week 13.


That would only leave him five games to prove he's the guy to keep around and sign to a long-term deal after his fifth-year option in 2025. I'm not sure he's able to do that if that's the case. Here's to hoping he can get back on the field sooner. We will look to update you with confirmed news once the Chicago Bears release the report about Justin Fields MRI results hopefully later today or Tuesday at the latest. Don't be surprised if they wait until Wednesday though when injury reports are required.