Justin Fields' Instagram video doesn't mean what some are making it seem

A viral Instagram video makes it seem as though Justin Fields is now headed home to Atlanta. Is that really what is being portrayed though?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

If you have not seen it by now, there is an Instagram video posted by Justin Fields' manager on his Instagram account. The video is of Justin Fields jumping in the air why so much hype it is reminiscent of Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s performance in Jerry McGuire. Fields is seen jumping up and down, clapping and chanting before running off camera. Some are saying that the person in the background, assuming it's his manager, is saying "Are you ready to go home?"

Here's the thing. That's not at all what is going on in this video. In fact, if you were to go onto Justin Fields' Instagram story, you would see a footnote on the video talking about how they are making fun of special teams players on kickoff -- specifically in high school. If you have ever been to a football game at any level, you can see these actions happen exactly as he has laid them out for the video.

Special teams players constantly hype themselves up before kickoff -- especially an opening kickoff. Fans will even chant in the crowd with a simple ooooooohhhh as the kicker runs up to kick the ball with an extra tone at the end when the ball is being kicked. You see them jumping up and down, just as Justin Fields did in this video. They clap their hands together and line up. Then they run with the kicker to the ball and sprint down to make the tackle.

Justin Fields portrayed this perfectly in this video and it was pretty funny to see. It is hard to make out exactly what the person speaking in the background is saying. It's clearly, something about "be ready to or get ready to" - but after that, it's not as clear. What I can tell you, is it does not sound like home. If anything, it sounds like he's making sounds and not actual words.

This story is now being run by legitimate news sources like CBS Sports and the New York Post. Seriously? Why do we try to make something out of nothing all the time? Can you understand now why Justin Fields is tired of how people react to social media?


This is not to say that Justin Fields may or may not be traded. He could end up going to Atlanta since they seem to be the heavy favorite to land Fields if the Chicago Bears decided to move on from the young quarterback. This video doesn't tell us anything though. Just let the chips fall and see how everything ends up. We cannot control Ryan Poles' decision.