What does Justin Fields need to do to keep his job with the Chicago Bears?

With five games to go, what does Justin Fields need to do to remain the starter of the Bears in 2024?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Justin Fields is in one of the most polarizing situations we have seen in a very long time in the NFL. I can’t remember a time in my lifetime that there has been a hotter debate on whether a team should draft a quarterback first overall in the NFL Draft, outside of the Colts moving on from Payton Manning to Andrew Luck. Typically, moving on from your quarterback is not nearly as hard of a decision as it was made out to be if your team is already bad enough to get the first pick. But the Bears' situation is not that simple. The current number-one pick belongs to the Bears because Carolina traded it to them. 

Will the Chicago Bears keep Justin Fields after 2023?

Some people argue that the Bears should trade back for the second year in a row and collect more picks and premium players for teams wanting to trade up for either USC’s Caleb Williams or UNC’s Drake Maye, two quarterbacks who are phenomenal QB talents. Other people think the Bears should simply take the best player in the draft, who very well might be Marvin Harrison Jr, and build around Justin Fields. However, the season isn’t over, and your opinion shouldn’t be 100% decided either way because there is plenty of football left to play despite the Bears season being essentially over.

With five games left to go, what do we need to see from Justin Fields to save his job? I think we need to see consistent great QB play to round out the season. We have seen flashes and improvement from Justin Fields, but improvement and flashes simply aren’t gonna cut it in year three when you have the chance to draft a quarterback. The Bears need to know that their QB is good enough to consistently deliver next year when the team needs him to win them a game.

The Bears currently have 13 days to gameplan for the Detroit Lions' defense which has been flat-out bad over the last stretch of the season. Coming out of the break with some fireworks on offense, or some serious questions will be asked. The writing is on the wall for Fields to gain some steam and make us all believe in that Ohio State icon we all fell in love with out of college, because, trust me, I want nothing more than to feel good about Justin Fields being the future of the franchise. 

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But in order for me to feel good about Fields being the face of the franchise, we need to see undeniable top-ten quarterback play on a week-to-week basis.