Justin Fields shares emotional message for Chicago Bears fans

Justin Fields continues to share his love for the support he has received from Chicago Bears fans.

Dec 31, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA;  Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) high fives fans
Dec 31, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) high fives fans / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

In the three years that Justin Fields spent with the Chicago Bears, the former first-round pick developed a strong connection with the fanbase.

That would be the reason why the Bears' decision to trade Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers has been so polarizing.

While Fields did have his limitations as a passing quarterback, there is no question that he had some of the most memorable plays that the fanbase has ever seen out of the quarterback position. That excitement, as few and far between as it was, is the reason why many Bears fans still believe the team made the wrong decision.

What's done is done.

Fields is no longer a member of the Bears' organization. While Fields did post a thank you to Bears fans on Saturday, the quarterback expressed further gratitude for the fanbase while speaking after practice at a youth camp he is currently leading in Italy.

Justin Fields issued a farewell to Chicago while thanking the support he has received from Bears fans.

The Bears fanbase was quick to come to Fields' defense in his time as the team's starting quarterback. Whether it was hot takes from former offensive coordinator Mike Martz or former defensive end Alex Brown, fans were always ready to combat whatever negative opinion about Fields was had.

In hindsight, Fields' final moments at Soldier Field this past season served as a goodbye. It was a New Year's Eve victory over the Atlanta Falcons where Fields had over 300 total yards and 2 touchdowns while walking off in the midst of fans clamoring "We want Fields." Fields did a lap around Soldier Field after the game and was embracing the connection he built with the team's fanbase. For as much as fans wanted that moment to cement Fields as the Bears' starting quarterback moving forward, it served as the bookend to his time with the team at Soldier Field.

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