Justin Fields thinks Chicago Bears got cheated out of 2021 MNF loss to Steelers

Now that the dust has settled, Justin Fields makes the official claim that the Chicago Bears were cheated out of the MNF loss to Pittsburgh by the refs.

Emilee Chinn/GettyImages v Pittsburgh Steelers
Emilee Chinn/GettyImages v Pittsburgh Steelers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

In one of Justin Fields' best performances in his time as the Chicago Bears quarterback, the reasoning for the result sticks with Fields years after the fact.

Justin Fields thinks refs cheated Chicago Bears out of winning MNF against the Steelers

There are even some Bears fans who still stand by this belief of Fields.

The Bears were 3-5 — hoping to head into the Bye Week with a win. Fields thinks that had the refs been more even with their officiating, the outcome would've looked different.

This whole conversation came about on "The 33rd Team" podcast, hosted by Amon-Ra and Equanimeous St. Brown. Justin Fields was discussing his favorite non-home stadiums, and Acrisure Stadium— or Heinz Field for many Steelers fans— made the top three.

In that discussion, Fields revealed something he's had on his mind for a while now.

"If y'all go back and look at the game, the refs, they cheated," Fields said. "They cheated us out of that game; I'm not gonna lie. There was a flag, if you go back and look it up, there's a flag at the end of the game. It's fourth down, we got a linebacker running off the field, the ref looks back, bumps into him, and throws the flag. I was sick."

Us, too, Justin. Us, too.

This is the play that rattles around in the brain of Justin Fields, as well as many Chicago Bears fans:

Now, if the call was made for the super awesome aerial kick, that'd be understandable It'd be infuriating, but after the dust settled, there would be at least a base level of understanding. Taunting is a lame penalty, but it's called. It shouldn't be, but it is.

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In this case, Marsh was flagged for not being athletic enough to dodge the ref who was intentionally trying to bump into him. If there were ever a case for sports being rigged, this play would be Exhibit A for Bears fans.

And for Justin Fields, it's a play that he remembers to this day, years down the road.