Justin Fields touts improvement with the Chicago Bears, but has he really improved?

The Chicago Bears are coming up to a crossroad regarding the quarterback position. Justin Fields says he has shown the team improvement, but is he right? Is it enough to keep Ryan Poles from drafting a quarterback in the first round?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Chicago Bears need to make a decision about the quarterback position very soon. If the Bears end up with the first pick in the draft thanks to the Panthers, will Ryan Poles move on from Justin Fields for Caleb Williams, Drake Maye or a different quarterback? Or will Poles keep Fields and trade the top pick for a haul? We might have to wait a few months to figure that one out, but Fields is already in the crosshairs. When asked what he has shown the Bears, his response was — "improvement." Is he right? If so, just how much improvement has he shown?

If we look at Justin Fields' general stats over his first three years in the NFL, he isn't wrong. Fields has shown improvement from his first year to his second year and even from his second year to this year.

There is no doubt he's shown improvement. Some could even say he's developing. However, we live in an NFL where developing a quarterback doesn't seem to always happen. This is why we see more quarterbacks succeed who are taken somewhat later in the draft. Patrick Mahomes likely wouldn't succeed in the same ways he has in Kansas City if the Chicago Bears took him over Mitch Trubisky. Jalen Hurts, Brock Purdy, and Dak Prescott — the list goes on — are all better today because they were drafted by better teams than you usually see picking players in the top 5 or 10 of the draft each year.

Just how much has Justin Fields improved with the Chicago Bears?

Fields has improved in his completion percentage. His passing yards have jumped by nearly 50 yards per game. His touchdown rate came down a bit this season, but his interception rate has also improved. To be fair, his eight interceptions should be six. He had two last week versus the Browns and the first one shouldn't have been called an interception — it hit the ground. The other one was after a Darnell Mooney drop. Dropped and tipped interceptions happen to all quarterbacks, but both of these were on desperation Hail Mary throws. Not to mention another no-call on a late hit on the first one.