Are Las Vegas Raiders in play to trade Chicago Bears for the top pick in 2023 NFL draft?

Parker Hurley
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The Chicago Bears are going to be shopping the number one overall pick. The usual suspects in trade talks have been the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, and teams such as the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers have been discussed. What about the Las Vegas Raiders, who are just sandwiched between the four teams?

The Las Vegas Raiders have not been discussed as much, mainly because they have been attached to more veterans. First, it was Tom Brady, and now it is names such as Jimmy Garopolo and Aaron Rodgers. While that still may happen, recent comments by Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler make it sound like the draft is probably the team's route.

""We're in charge of filling the most important position on the team. There's some pressure that comes along with that. And however we fill it, it doesn't mean we're going to have an immediate answer this year. But, at the end of the day, we have to have an answer in some form or fashion. There's pressure that comes along with it. That's also part of the excitement, too.""

Dave Ziegler

Saying he does not anticipate an immediate answer this year makes it sound like names such as Rodgers are off of the table. Then, saying that they will have an answer in some form or fashion makes it sound like the draft is the option. He may not be the guy the second they draft him, but they do plan on the draft pick being the answer for the long term.

If that is what Dave Ziegler is insinuating, the Raiders are firmly in the books with a chance to trade up to number one overall. Josh McDaniels and Ziegler have only been with the team for one season, so we do not really know their true intentions or their history of how they would select quarterbacks.

We do know that they came from New England, which means they have spent years with Bill Belichick, and thus they do know Nick Saban. They were in conversations with Saban when the Patriots drafted Mac Jones. If a team inquiring about Bryce Young may have the inside tips from Saban, it would actually be the Raiders more than these other teams.

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Are the Raiders prepared to go all-in for Bryce Young? Do they realize that they should not go with short-term fixes and all in on the future? It may be more likely than you realize. They are right in the mix with the rest