Latest signing by Chicago Bears highlights decisions to be made at bottom of the roster

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears signed DeAndre Carter, a name who is not going to bring much attention to the national focus. However, this is an interesting move from the Bears point of view. Carter was signed mostly because of his return game ability. 

Given the new emphasis on kickoff returners given the new rules, Velus Jones Jr. has been a popular player mentioned in regard to players on the roster bubble.

Carter has a great shot at making the team over Jones, not only because he can return kicks, but also because he can return punts. Carter has 134 punt returns in his career to go with 122 kick returns. He had 24 punt returns just last season. 

Last year, the Bears used Trent Taylor as the punt return specialist and Velus Jones on kickoffs. The year before, it was Dante Pettis. This year, it looked like they were heading down the same path with Pettis re-signed. However, with Carter, they could turn those two roster spots into one.

The new NFL kickoff rules will impact the Chicago Bears' roster decisions

Carter only had 39 receiving yards last year, but Velus Jones had just 20. Carter also has a much longer track record of being a better wideout. 

Last year, the team clogged up two roster spots on players in the return game, and neither made much of a difference at all. This year, they can have DeAndre Carter make the roster and then cut both Velus Jones and Dante Pettis. 

With D.J. Moore, Keenan Allen, Rome Odunze and Tyler Scott, they would slot in Carter as the fifth wide out and would not need to carry a sixth.

This is pretty valuable because it allows them to free up a roster spot that could go to a defensive end, offensive lineman, or obviously any position of need.