Looking into the chance of Chicago Bears extension candidates to sign this offseason 

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Round 5: Larry Borom 

Larry Borom was the fifth round pick that year, and he ended up playing more in his rookie season than any other year. That roster was falling apart, and the injury to Teven Jenkins did not help things. The Bears also traded Charles Leno, assuming that Jenkins would be healthy, so their depth was thin. 

Borom played 546 snaps at right tackle, and 85 at left tackle as a rookie. He has not progressed since then. He played just 528 snaps the following year, with 466 at right tackle, 42 at left guard, and 20 at right guard. There, they learned his best fit is probably tackle. 

In 2023, he played 411 snaps with 408 at left tackle and 3 as an extra blocker. There, we learned that he is better on the right side. Borom was a mess as a left tackle. The Chicago Bears are more likely to let him walk next year than re-sign him. 

Round 6: Khalil Herbert 

Khalil Herbert will be a tough decision for the Chicago Bears. The odds are that he will want to bet on himself having a big year and not sign any deal that they offer. We did look into what a potential deal would look like. For the Bears, they want to offer him closer to $5M per year, but Herbert will think that he can get closer to $10M with a strong offseason. 

Herbert will flash that he has great efficiency numbers and he has produced big plays. The Bears will highlight that he was the lead back once, he got hurt and did not finish with over 150 carries. In the other years, he was just a change of pace from David Montgomery. At best, he may be a complimentary back. He has not done enough to earn that extension. Considering the sides are going to be nearly $5M off in their offers, the odds are that Herbert will not be extended this offseason either.