3 lost causes for the Chicago Bears for the second half of 2023

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Velus Jones Jr.
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2. Velus Jones keeps getting worse for the Chicago Bears

The Velus Jones draft pick has been a debacle from the start. Jones was never a good prospect, and it showed when the Bears had more production with him running the football than they did catching. Into his second year the only way he will make the roster in 2024 is if he changes positions to running back.

Velus Jones is simply not an NFL wide receiver. The last two weeks confirmed this. Agains the Los Angeles Chargers Tyson Bagent underthrew him for a walk-in touchdown. However, Jones has to be able to track the ball and make the catch. He tripped. These mistakes are far too common.

Against the New Orleans Saints another pass that was not absolutely perfect and hand delivered to him caused him to fumble. The good news is that he almost caught the pass, the bad news is that he was so close to catching it that he almost lost the ball due to a fumble. Even as a running back, you could argue that Darrynton Evans has a better chance to impact the passing game over Velus Jones.

Jones has had six kick returns this season and his average on these returns is about the same as last year. He makes no difference on special teams and hurts the team on offense. Matt Eberflus is having a hard time giving players who make mistakes too many chances. All it does it leads to more mistakes. It is time to make Velus Jones inactive.